26 Maret 2018

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30 Januari 2013

A quick notes

Life is unfair,,,i sometimes sits back and wandering how silly my life was. My parents got divorce, i lose confidence, i gave up easily, caged in my own room. My fear of commitment makes it hard to settling down. You know, sometimes its easier to tell if your parents already dead rather than to have to tell your future in laws that your parents were divorced. That pity kinda annoying look all of them has given, left me in fear. Call me a drama queen or whatever you want but just dont pity me. Even worse, some people were so proud of their noble background that they refused to tolerate any "abnormal" kid to hang out with their kids. The society was cruel to me. My parents divorce was really painful for me, let alone to cope with it afterwards. Why cant someone help me? Why are you all judging me? Nevertheless, a kid with a divorced parents tends to get a negative images from the society. Thats how shit this society was. And i still remember it untill now. Untill one day a friend came to me and said "why bother those things? People will still hate you whether youre doing good or bad, the important thing now is moving on and create your own stories. " it hits me hard. Yeah, she is definitely right. Why bother? They wont help you either, we are on our own. So i try to buried all my sadness and pain, i graduated that year and enter one of the nation most favourite universities. She and i were still best friends, and i am now creating my own happy-go-lucky life stories. Love, xoxo 

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25 November 2012

Between Shinjuku, Laduree and Kate Spade

Lost in translation

Tokyo im lost....

Some pics of me hanging around Tokyo, which probably the most visited city i have been. Its my 7th time here and never ever get bored. 
Planning to visit this place again with my soon to be husband, what dyou think? :D :D ♡

16 September 2012

Yummy green tea

Went to get my favourite ice cream of all time.... :-)